Welcome! We have professional masseurs who graduated from massage school. VIP Massage Spa, lets you enjoy a super VIP massage service!

Massaging the whole body has the effect of relieving fatigue, relieving stress, relaxing the body, soothing tendons and promoting blood circulation, and delighting the spirit. At the same time, we use a combination of anti-inflammatory and analgesic essential oils, hot stones, and cupping to treat cervical spondylosis, muscle aches, and improve sleep quality...

Our girls have both already received the new Covid 19 vaccine. We have complete disinfection facilities, professional ultraviolet disinfection lamps, hand sanitizers, a set of sheets and towels for each customer...

We sincerely look forward to your arrival, as your satisfaction is our service purpose!

Back into practice!

A year of change, that’s how most everybody will describe 2020 when we experienced a global pandemic that temporarily shut businesses, required people isolate and take extra precautions outdoors, and wear masks to help slow the spread. Business owners, massage therapists included, watched closely as both federal and state governments passed public safety measures that required they pivot quickly and adjust to the reality that life was going to be different, at least for a little while.

Today, both the CDC and state governments are cautiously loosening some of the restrictions they put in place at the start of the pandemic, and more and more massage therapists are getting back to practice. As of May 16, the CDC no longer recommends the use of masks for fully vaccinated individuals. And at the state level, more and more jurisdictions have removed practice restrictions for massage therapy.

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